Albert Bitran : Paintings and Drawings- Obliques

3 - 26 February 2010

The Grosvenor Gallery is very proud to present a selection of paintings and drawings by one of
the Ecole de Paris’s most important painters, Albert Bitran.

Born in Istanbul in 1929, Bitran travelled to Paris at the age of 17 to study architecture and
quickly joined the circle of expatriate artists who later became known as the Ecole de Paris. His
first works, shown in the leading Parisian gallery of the time, Galerie Denise Rene, were geometric abstracts.



Soon, he developed a more lyrical and gestural language, opening his first solo
exhibition at the Arnaud Gallery in 1951.
As well as consistently having solo exhibitions in Paris he has also exhibited in several group
shows with the other avant‐garde artists of the day.

His work is now in several permanent museum collections, some of which have organised
retrospectives of his work. There are also monographs on his work and numerous publications.
A fully illustrated catalogue, with a full list of exhibitions and museum collections will be
published to accompany the show. The introduction to the catalogue is by the art critic Gerard‐
George Lemaire.

The exhibition will be opened in London during the major Impressionist and Modern Art auction week and the artist will be present.