A. Ramachandran

13 - 30 June 2008

Grosvenor Vadehra is pleased to present a body of new works by renowned Indian artist A. Ramachandran. A contemporary of M.F. Husain and S. H. Raza, A. Ramachandran is one of the most respected artists of his generation.

In his paintings Ramachandran portrays a multilayered vision of nature. Deeply inspired by tribal communities, particularly by the vibrant ethos he experienced in Rajasthan, Ramachandran paints a vision of humanity far removed from the modern day reality of urban life, where mankind and all natural elements are symbiotically and inextricably linked.
"In this complex technological culture of modern times, Ramachandran offers an alternative and more profound vision of humanity where man is closely identified with organic rhythms of life." Ella Datta.

As a painter, Ramachandran's strong command over lines, colours and forms creates an
exciting visual drama. His canvases are vibrant with a sense of teeming, burgeoning life. It is
clear that the vibrant colours and the primacy of the forms of the murals in Kerela temples
have strongly influenced his expression. The artist's quirky sense of irony imbues his
paintings with piquancy and a feeling of new discoveries.


A Ramachandran was born in 1935 in Anttingal, Kerala. Recent solo exhibitions include:
2007-08 'Face to Face', Art Practice of A Ramachandran, The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai and
New York; 2006 Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures, Watercolours and Drawings, Vadehra Art
Gallery, New Delhi; 2006 Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures, Watercolours and Drawings,
organized by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata;
2005 Illustrations of 'Gaudi's Ocean', exhibited at Nami Island, South Korea; 2002 Exhibition
of Watercolours, organized by Fine Arts Resource, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; 2002
'Yayati', Art Heritage, New Delhi; 2001 'Imagined Territory', paintings, drawings and sculpture,
Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi.Ramachandran lives and works in New Delhi