Art Dubai Modern: L'Abstraction Calligraphique dans l'Ecole de Paris

18 - 23 March 2019

Art Dubai Modern, Booth F7


L'Abstraction Calligraphique dans l'École de Paris

Calligraphic Abstraction in the École de Paris


The importance of the École de Paris on the development of artistic practice in the 20th century cannot be overestimated. It was to a city still heavily influenced by this movement that many of these artists moved in the 1960s, bringing foreign narratives and indigenously produced aesthetics, blending them with the prevailing movements of the day.


As part of this exhibition we are showing the work of four International artists, whose aesthetic preoccupation was calligraphy and who work or exhibited in Paris in the mid-late 20th century:



Jean-Michel ATLAN (1913-1960)

Dia AZZAWI (b.1939)

Syed SADEQUAIN (1930-1987)

Charles Hossein ZENDEROUDI (b.1937).