1979 Arts Council, Karachi

1978 Indus Gallery, Karachi, 14 - 24 September

1976 Indus Gallery, Karachi

1974 Indus Gallery, Karachi

1973 Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Rawalpindi

Indus Gallery, Karachi

1972 Arts Council, Karachi

1971 Childishly Yours, The Gallery, Karachi

1970 American Centre, Karachi

1968 Gallery International, New York

1966 Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Rawalpindi

P.A.C.C., Karachi

1965 The Arts Council, Karachi

The Pakistan Arts Council, Lahore

1964 Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, UK

Norton's Gallery, St. Louis, Montana, USA

Clement Stephens Gallery, London

1963 Commonwealth Institure Art Gallery, 2 - 26 May

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

1962 Chelsea Fine Arts, London

Lincoln Gallery, London

1961 Lincoln Gallery, London

The Pakistan Arts Council, Lahore

The Arts Council, Karachi

1959 Ahmed Parvez, an Exhibtion of Paintings, New Vision Centre Gallery, London

1955 Y.W.C.A., Karachi

1954 U.S. Information Centre, Karachi

Y.W.C.A., Karachi

1953 U.S. Information Centre, Murree

Dept. of Arts and Crafts, University of the Punjab, Lahore



1989-90 The Other Story: Afro-Asian Artists in Post-War Britain, Hayward Gallery, London (touring to Wolverhampton and Manchester 1990)

1973 Indus Gallery, Karachi

1970 The Gallery, Karachi

1968 Gallery International, New York

Asia House, New York

1966 Castle Art Gallery, Nottingham, UK

1965 Treasures from the Commonwealth, Royal Academy of Arts, 17 September - 13 November

10 Years of Collection, Denis Bowen, London

Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Rawalpindi

Pakistan American Cultural Centre, Karachi

1964 Artists of the School of London, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

1963 International Graphics, New Vision Centre Gallery, London

20th Century English and French Watercolours and Drawings, Redfern Gallery, London

Biennale of Abstract Art, London and Edinburgh

1962 Commonwealth Art Today, Commonwealth Institute Art Gallery, London (selected by Eric Newton)

The Queen University of Belfast

1961 Royal Institure Galleries, London

15 Years of Achievement, Lincoln Gallery, London

South Asian Painters, Bear Lane Gallery, London (selected by George Butcher)

Paris-London, Lincoln Gallery, London

Commonwealth Vision: An Exhibition of Paintings by Artists from the Commonwealth and Guests, New Vision Centre Gallery in association with the Commonwealth Institute, London, 30 June - 23 July

1960 Joint Commonwealth Societies, London (selected by Sir Herbert Read)

Commonwealth Exhibtion, Castle Museum, Norwich

Exhbition of Commonwealth Painters, Howard Roberts Gallery, Cardiff (selected by Denis Bowen)

Galerie 58, Hassenhuis, Antwerp

De Warande, Ghent, Belgium

Gallery Orez, The Hague, Holland

Gallery 31, Dordrecht, Holland

Taurus Gallery, Nijmegen, Holland

Leyden University, Leyden, Holland

1959 International Choice, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, UK (selected by William Gear)

1958 'Pakistan Group' exhibtion, Woodstock Gallery, London

'London Group' exhibtion, R.B.A. Gallery, London

1955 3rd Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paolo