Born in Mosel, Iraq in 1939


1945 - 1951
Attended St. Thomas' Primary School, Mosul

1951 - 1954

Attended Al-Hadba Secondary School

1954 - 1957

Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, Baghdad

1957 - 1961

Taught Art in Iraq


International Book Art Exhibition, Leipzig

Participates in L'Exposition Itinerante de Peinture at the Nicolas I. Sursock Museum in Beirut with an oil; Crucifixion (1965)

Al Wasiti Art Gallery, Baghdad, Paintings and Prints by Students: Salim El Dabbagh, Mehdi Muttashar, Ali Talib, Yahya El Sheikh, Hashim Samerchi and Faik Hussein, June-July 1965


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad

Centre of English Studies, Baghdad, Graphic Art Exhibition, 15 - 30 October (Mahmouda Ali Mohammed, Salim Al-Dabbagh, Hashim Samarchi and Yahya Al-Shaikh)

Neue Berliner Galerie, Berlin, Neue Grafik Aus Der Republik Irak, 29 September - 30 October


Taught at Al-Farouq School in Al Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Exhibition: Berlin, Intergrafik 67, 20 May - 30 July

Awarded first prize for Composition of Sights in the 'Careras Craven A' exhibition of Arab Art - The first touring exhibition of it's kind.

 Portugal, XIII Salao do Outono, 9 - 21 December 1967

Exhibition of watercolours held in Baghdad, 1967/68


Awarded a scholarship by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon to study Graphic Art (with Rafa Nasiri and Salim Dabbagh).

World Geographical Association, Lisbon, Al-Nasiri, Samarchi, Al-Dabbagh


Exhibition of Paintings, Lisbon

Galeriea Gravura, Lisbon, Exposicao De Gravura, Curso 68, August

Participated in the First Indian Triennale

Galeria Gravura, Lisbon, Rafa Nasiri, Salem Dabbagh, Hashim Samarchi, May-June


Returns to Iraq and joins the 'Towards a New Vision Group' with Dia Azzawi, Rafa Al-Nasiri, Ismail Fattah, Muhammad Mahruddin and Saleh Al-Jumaie

NMMA, Baghdad, Towards a New Vision

Participates in the Premiere Biennale Internationale de Gravure de Liege, Belgium

Gallery One, Beirut, Iraqi Graphic Art - Nasiri.Salem.Samarchi, June 

Gallery Aya, Baghdad, Hashim Samarchi


National Museum of Modern Art, Baghdad (NMMA), Baghdad, Azzawi, Al-Nasiri, Al-Jumaie, Samarchi, Muhraddin, Ramzi, Sheikh Nouri

Sultan Gallery, Kuwait, Hashim Samarchi, 1970

3rd Biennale International de la Gravure Cracovie (Kracow) Poland, 1970

3rd International Poster Biennale, Warsaw, Poland


NMMA, Baghdad, The First Dimension, Jan-Feb

NMMA, Baghdad, Nasiri - Jumaie - Azzawi - Samarchi, 15-12 March

Marbad Poetry Festival, Baghdad, Exhibition of the Plastic Arts, 1-5 April

Sultan Gallery, Kuwait, Iraqi Art Exhibition, December


4th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw, Poland, 1972

NMMA, Baghdad, Iraqi Art Today

NMMA, Baghdad, 4 Artists from Baghdad, Al-Nasiri, Al-Jumei, Al-Azzawi, Al-Samarchi­


The First Biennale of Arab Art, Baghdad, 1973 (logo designed by Samarchi)


NMMA, Baghdad, Seven, April 1974

5th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw, Poland


6th International Print Biennale, Krakow, Poland


NMMA, Baghdad, Six Iraqi Artists: Dhia Azzawi, Rafa Nasiri, Hashim Samarchi, Maki Hussain, Tariq Ibrahim, N. Ramzi, December

Iraqi Cultural Centre Gallery, London, Contemporary Arab Graphics


NMMA, Baghdad, Exhibition of Iraqi Posters, 1979


Saddam Art Centre, Baghdad, Baghdad International Festival for Plastic Arts


National Centre of Fine Arts, Cairo, 1st Egyptian International Print Triennale


Darat al Funun, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, Jordan, Summer 99


Grosveor Gallery, London, Modern Arab Masters


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Art and Architecture between Lisbon and Baghdad: The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Iraq, 1957-1973