Frieze Sculpture: Rasheed Araeen, Lovers in Regent's Park

14 September - 16 October 2021

"Lovers in The Regent's Park is most unusual in the body of my works using lattice structures. In most works I begin with symmetrical  units, and when they are put together they form a symmetrical work, according to a preconceived idea. But for the work for Frieze, I begin with 4 asymmetrical units, and then they are put together, by going through various formations without preconceived ideas, until they become a symmetrical work. It now comprises a cube in the centre which sits on the floor, while the triangles project themselves from 4 sides of the cube. It was quite difficult to arrive at its final stage, and what came out of it gave me a surprise."

At Frieze Sculpture 2021 we will be presenting a new, unique, outdoor sculpture by Rasheed Araeen. Lovers in The Regent's Park is based on a 1960s maquette currently in the collection of Tate. Rasheed has  rearranged the structures to produce a new formation, previously unimagined.


It will be on display throughout September and October 2021 at Frieze Sculpture in The Regent's Park, London.