Zimbiri: Solo Exhibition

30 October - 20 November 2020

Grosvenor Gallery is delighted to be showing for the first time in the UK, new paintings by Bhutanese artist, Zimbiri (b. 1991). The exhibition will take place during Asian Art in London's East Asian Art week from 30th October and will extend till the 20th November 2020. There will be a late-night viewing on Sunday, 1st November from 6-9pm.


The body of paintings that have been selected for the show are from Zimbiri's 'Tiger' series. The tiger for her is a symbol with multiple connotations and mythic references. Not only does it exude strength and power, but fragility, and precariousness in the complex dynamics between man and nature. Zimbiri says she decided on the tiger because it is endangered as well as considered precious in Bhutanese mythic history. Most of the animals in their mythic tales belong to the past and the tiger, too, being an endangered species, will one day become a species of the past.