RAZA / TANTRA: Frieze Masters: SH Raza, Monochrome Aesthetics

2 - 6 October 2019

Frieze Masters 2019

SH Raza, Monochrome Aesthetics


Having left India in 1950 Raza quickly established himseld as a successful mumber of the Ecole de Paris, exhibiting frequently in France and winning the Prix de la Critique by 1958. His French landscapes were typically painted in thick oils with a palette knife on board or canvas. By the mid-1960s he started to do abstract landscapes evoking India. It was at this time he also started his engagement with Indian philosophy and music, studying symbols and imagery of traditional temple art. This saw a shift away from a European perspective in his paintings. It was in the mid-1970s Raza begun his abstract works based upon Indian traditional forms. The Bindu was in short his dot, or his black circle, and it engrossed his practice till the end of his careet.


At Frieze Masters we will be exhibiting rarely seen works from this significant early period.


The presentation will be accompanied by a catalouge including period photos of the artist's studio that shows the classical sculpture, books and miniatures he was looking at for inspiration. We will also be exhibiting examples of Indian antiquities and tantric works which share the same aesthetics.