Romain de Tirtoff 1892-1990
Softback 124 pages
Publisher: Fontanka
ISBN: 9781906257286

An anniversary exhibition of the work of Erté opens in November 2017 accompanied by this new publication. Born Romain de Tirtoff in St Petersburg, Erté became one of the best known illustrators of his day. The exhibition at the Grosvenor Gallery in central London follows on from a 2016 show at the Hermitage, which marked the return to Russia of one of its most talented prodigal sons.


Grosvenor Gallery's November 2017 exhibition celebrates the following milestones:


The 50th anniversary of the first exhibition of original gouaches by Erté at their New York Galleries in 1967. The exhibition bought in its entirety for the Metropolitan Museum, New York.


Harper's Bazaar, founded in 1867 celebrates is 150th anniversary. Erté designed the Harper's covers from 1915 to 1937.


Vogue, founded in 1892, celebrates in 125th year. The magazine commissioned Erté to design its covers in January 1916. He did so for a six-month period before accepting an exclusive contract from William Randolph Hearst to design for Harper's.


2017 is the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Artist.


The fully illustrated catalogue contains essays by Brian Sewell, Morgan Falconer, Mikhail Dedinkin, Michael Estorick and Barbera Streisand is available from the gallery.

Erté: Romain de Tirtoff 1892-1990
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